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Conquered the Summit of London

FTT set the scene in Central London for this year's team building event. With some more new blood joining the FTT family in recent years, its corporate activities have been more and more challenging. In order to top last year's Go-Karting contest, it was left with not many choices but to try to conquer the summit of London at The O2. That's 52 metres above the history-making gigs of Led Zeppelin, Prince and Beyonce. 

Everyone has done their best to support each other and to complete this challenge. 

Brazilian BBQ at the O2 was just a perfect way to reward themselves at the end!

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FTT Exhibited and launched two new Cone Calorimeter models at Interflam 2016

Interflam 2016 took place at Royal Holloway College, University of London, in the UK again this time. Over 120 oral presentations along with 70 posters were presented by representatives of organisations in 33 countries over the 3 day event. This was one of the largest technical programmes in the conference's 36 year history.

FTT were delighted to take part again as one of the gold sponsors and exhibitors. Two new Cone Calorimeters, iCone® mini  and  iCone® classic, were launched and displayed alongside the fully automatic iCone® plus there. A lot of interest was created and new ideas exchanged throughout the event.

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Judges News

The Directors of Judges Scientific plc are delighted to announce the acquisition of Dia-Stron Limited

Judges Scientific announces that on 1 April 2016 it acquired 100% of the issued share capital of Dia-Stron Limited. Dia-Stron was established in 1987. It designs and manufactures systems to test the mechanical properties of fibres. It is a market leader in testing natural hair fibres, a large amount of its revenue is derived from the hair care industry, including large multi-national groups. The balance of sales is comprised of industrial fibres, skin-testing instruments and contract testing for third parties. The automation built into the company's systems provides significant efficiency savings for customers. read more

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Judges News

Acquisition of Fire Instrumentation & Research Equipment ("FIRE")

Judges Scientific is pleased to announce that the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Fire Testing Technology ("FTT"), has acquired the business of Fire Instrumentation & Research Equipment ("FIRE").

FIRE is a highly regarded fire testing equipment manufacturing and servicing business. FTT is purchasing the goodwill and a selection of assets from FIRE and is assuming certain liabilities. The purchase consideration is not material in the context of the annual revenues of the Judges Group.

The business will be transferred to FTT's factory in East Grinstead and the transaction is expected to further FTT's pursuit of excellence in terms of:

·      Cross utilisation of state of the art features of respective ranges;

·      Consolidation of software development; and

·      Servicing customers worldwide.

Dr Sean Gregory, Managing Director of FTT, said: "I have every confidence that our alliance with a business of FIRE's calibre will yield significant operating benefits."

Please click here to read the newsletter. 

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Judges News

Release of Preliminary Statement of Results

Judges plc is pleased to announce its Preliminary Statement of Results for the year ended 31 December 2015. The Group achieved notable progress in 2015, duly reflected in record sales, pre-tax profits and earnings per share. 

To read the Preliminary Results, please click here.

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Quorum News

Quorum excel at the Super Growth Awards

Quorum was a finalist in the Sussex Super Growth Awards for 2016, which took place at the American Express Community Stadium, Brighton on 8th March.   There are over 21,000 companies in based in Sussex - a thriving district in the south east of England -  and these awards aim to congratulate the top 60 companies in the county who have achieved significant growth and contributed to the economic success and prosperity of the area. To make the list businesses have to show significant and sustained grown over four years. Quorum achieved a commendable 34th position with a growth rate of 54% and our parent company, Judges Scientific, 13th position with an impressive growth of 95%.

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Judges News

The Directors of Judges Scientific plc are delighted to announce the acquisition of CoolLED Limited

Judges Scientific announces that on 18 February 2016 it acquired 100% of the issued share capital of CoolLED Limited.  CoolLED designs, manufactures and markets illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy and is based in Andover, Hampshire.   read more

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Scientifica News

Scientifica launches first US office

Scientifica has launched its first office outside of the UK. The new office based in New Jersey will enable Scientifica to provide a full range of sales and technical support to its growing number of customers in the United States. 

Managing Director Keith Watson, said: “Over many years Scientifica has built up an impressive business throughout North America, serving the neuroscience research community with our advanced micro-positioning and imaging systems. By opening our new North America sales and support operation we are re-emphasising Scientifica’s commitment to the market, and our desire to be closer to the research community and customers we serve.”

For further information, please click here.

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GDS News

Acoustic Emission Transducer Testing

Testing is well underway for arguably one of GDS’ most advanced products, the Acoustic Emission (AE) System. The piezo-electric AE sensors enable micro-fractures occurring within a rock specimen during testing to be recorded. As well as the number and frequency of the recorded micro fractures they can also be traced back to each of their origination positions and plotted on a 3D image of the sample. This is useful to track failure modes within the sample. The transducers are currently being tested on a Cobourg limestone sample in our 2MN, 64MPa high pressure triaxial cell.

There are two different acquisition systems available, one uses a continuous acquisition system and the other a triggered system.  The triggered system derives less but more focused data to interpret whereas the continuous system can record huge amounts of data in great detail.  With data acquisition speeds up to 50MHz and bit counts up to 16Bit there is a wide range available from GDS.

The GDS AE sensors can work in Passive mode for acquiring AE signals but also in Active mode where each sensor can be energised to produce a signal.  The relative arrival time at each of the other sensors can then be determined (either manually or automatically). By compositing the data from each sensor a velocity based tomographic image of the sample can be constructed.

For more details, please visit www.gdsinstruments.com

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Scientifica News

Expert designed multi-photon acquisition software from Scientifica

Scientifica is proud to announce the release of SciScan 1.0, the first full version of Scientifica's multiphoton acquisition software.

Written in LabView, SciScan is a free open source software package built specifically to carry out multiphoton imaging using Scientifica's range of multiphoton laser scanning microscopy equipment.

SciScan's purpose-built API allows users to integrate SciScan easily with their custom-written applications, not only from within LabView but also from applications written in other programming languages (Python, Matlab, C++, etc.).

The open architecture and flexible nature means users can quickly adapt SciScan to interface with additional hardware or custom-built scanners (provided the data acquisition hardware is compatible).

The brand new SciScript Module allows users to pre-program recording sequences and stage motions, opening up many new possibilities. These range from simple time-lapse imaging to long and highly complex sequences of recurrent acquisitions.

Also new is the Position Save Module, which enables chronic in vivo experiments with repeated imaging sessions over the course of days, weeks or months. It greatly simplifies the task of precisely repositioning the scan area over the same locations again and again.

For more details about SciScan 1.0, please click here

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