Dia-Stron are leading specialists in the supply of test instruments and automation for small fibre and sheet materials. A modular system of manual and automated units, for tensile testing, dimensional properties, failure analysis and bending moment.

Applications include:

  • Hair, wool, silk & other protein based fibres.
  • Cotton, hemp, leaf and other vegetable fibres.
  • Polyester, carbon, kevlar & other synthetic fibres.


Dia-Stron Limited UK

9 Focus Way
Hampshire SP10 5NY

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1264 334 700
Fax: +44 1264 334 686
Email: sales@diastron.com 
Web: www.diastron.com

Nigel Winsey, Managing Director

Following study for a degree in Pharmacology, Nigel pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry, initially at Ciba-Geigy where his research into inflammation in the skin lead to a Ph.D. from London University.  Following a move to the Swedish Company, Astra, he initially worked as a clinical scientist then moving into product management.  This business role continued with the British Biotech Company, Celltech and finally became Head of Business Development for Stiefel Laboratories.  It was at this time he became involved in bio-engineering in the skin and decided to pursue a separate business.  Steve Bucknell was working with Nigel on instrumentation, and with Lynn Winsey, Dia-Stron was created in 1987.  Initially they developed instruments for dermatology, but following contact with the personal care industry it became evident that hair and fibres constituted a major commercial opportunity.