Acquisition Model

Judges adopts exacting criteria, both in the selection of companies that it seeks to bring into the group and in relation to the ethical approach that it adopts in the negotiation process.

Scientific instrument businesses are regarded as being interesting acquisition targets if they can boast an established product range, an international customer profile and sustainable sales, profits and cash generation.  Companies with a strong commercial position in a niche world market are favoured.  

Businesses are acquired only if sensible terms can be negotiated with vendors.  It is a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy that agreements reached with prospective vendors at the “Heads of Terms” stage are honoured.  The directors are all too aware of the practice adopted by many purchasers that they will bid high to be selected as preferred buyers, only to shave the price once the acquisition process has advanced.  This is not the Judges style. 

Vendors will find Judges a determined and experienced purchaser that is discreet, well financed, flexible and creative to meet the needs of realistic vendors.  Prospective vendors should contact David Cicurel, the group CEO (