Optical fibers are the main medium for long distance transmission of telecommunication data. As such, fibers form the key backbone infrastructure for the internet and all its rapidly growing applications such as 5G telephony, social media Apps and video streaming.

PE.fiberoptics Ltd (PFO) is a leader in the manufacture of test equipment for measurement of optical fibers. Our products are used by all major fiber and cable manufacturers in Europe, the Americas and Asia for quality control purposes at different stages, including:
  • Certification and Quality Assurance of optical fibers and cables in  24/7 manufacturing plants
  • Characterisation of newly developed optical fibers and cables
  • R&D for new fiber designs
The bandwidth of data transmission worldwide continues to increase significantly and requires advances in all aspects of network technology, including fibers. As a result, we wok very closely with our customers to meet their evolving measurement requirements. PFO invests heavily in R&D and we have recently added an OTDR-based instrument to our portfolio helping customers to increase their manufacturing throughput at reduced cost.
We export >95% of the products we make and have successfully installed solutions in all areas of the world.


PE.fiberoptics Ltd
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United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 118 977 3003

Dick Heinrich

Managing Director

Dick Heinrich (born 1962) has a BSc in Mathematics and a MSc in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

He started his career in IT with ICI plc before moving into commercial roles in the electronics industry in both the UK and Switzerland. 

He subsequently became a General Manager for e2v and later returned one of Teledyne’s under-performing manufacturing businesses back to profitability.

He joined PE.fiberoptics as Managing Director in June 2019.