Our Businesses

Judges Scientific plc is an AIM-listed company specialising in the design and production of scientific instruments. Corporate expansion is being pursued, both through organic growth within its subsidiary companies and through the acquisition of top-quality businesses with established reputations in world-wide markets.

Aitchee Engineering

Established for over 40 years and now a subsidiary of Fire Testing Technology, Aitchee provides high-quality metalwork both to companies within the Judges group and for third party customers in a variety of other industrial sectors. Services include the provision of metal components & casings, fabrication and bespoke engineering solutions.


Armfield designs and sells engineering teaching instruments used by universities and technical colleges. The range of disciplines is extensive and includes chemical, mechanical, environmental and civil engineering and food technology.


Deben UK

Deben designs, manufactures and sells devices used to enable or improve the observation of objects under a microscope. The principal product groups are motor control systems, micro-tensile stages, cooling stages, digital imaging for electron microscopes and beam blanking equipment. The products are sold world-wide to OEM customers (microscope manufacturers that incorporate such equipment in their own instruments) or directly to end users such as universities.


Fire Testing Technology

FTT is the world leader in the manufacture of instruments designed to measure the reaction of a variety of materials to fire.

GDS Instruments

GDS designs, manufactures and sells instruments used to test the physical properties of soil and rocks. The products are sold worldwide to academic institutions and commercial customers conducting geotechnical research or providing testing services in relation to large civil engineering projects.


PE.fiberoptics is a leading provider to the telecommunications industry of a wide range of specialised equipment designed to test the properties of fibre optic and fibre optic networks.

Quorum Technologies

Quorum designs, manufactures and distributes instruments that prepare samples for examination in electron microscopes through coating or "cryo" processes. Applications for the technology are to be found in all the life and materials sciences, as well as cutting-edge industrial technologies such as semiconductor production.


Scientifica specialises in supplying innovative superior products to electrophysiology and imaging researchers. Electrophysiology is the measure and study of electrical properties of individual cells; these areas of research contribute to advances in understanding the nervous and cardiac systems, particularly degenerative diseases including Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Epilepsy.

Sircal Instruments

Sircal designs, manufactures and distributes rare gas purifiers for use in metals analysis utilising the Arc/ Spark spectrometry technique. This technique provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of a metallic sample.

UHV Design

UHV Design specialises in the development and manufacture of instruments used to create motion, heating and cooling within ultra-high vacuum chambers.