Armfield's business is divided between two distinct sectors; Engineering Education and Industrial Research & Development.

Education Division

Operating since 1963, the Armfield Education Division designs and manufactures equipment for engineering education and research. Used at universities, colleges, schools and research centres around the globe, Armfield equipment is known for innovative designs and a level of quality unmatched in the industry. The Armfield range covers all of the main engineering disciplines, and is constantly evolving in line with the growing demands of engineering education.

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Industrial Division

The Armfield Industrial Division designs and manufactures research & development systems, primarily for the food, beverage, dairy, edible oil and pharmaceutical industries. Used by many of the world's leading corporations, Armfield systems enable researchers and product developers to replicate full-scale industrial manufacturing processes on a miniature-scale in the laboratory.

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Armfield Limited

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Dan Whitehouse

Managing Director

Dan Whitehouse completed a multidiscipline degree in Product Design and Manufacturing after which he joined a Design Consultancy working on a varied portfolio of scientific and domestic high-tech products.

Dan subsequently worked in the Automotive industry for over 15 years, leading engineering and manufacturing activities within large international Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, specialising in complex safety and closure systems.

He then set up a business developing complex equipment for testing and certifying industrial new builds against L1 and L2 building regulations which was subsequently sold to a larger player within the accreditation market.

He then moved into renewables and was responsible for Wind Turbine Blade development for the largest Wind Turbine Manufacture within the industry. Dan led the Blades Global Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems teams developing some of the most complex and largest blades on the market.

Dan then joined Armfield in 2014 leading the Technical and Development department. He then took on the responsibilities for Manufacturing and Engineering as the Technical and Operations Director before becoming Managing Director at the start of 2017.