Fire Testing Technology

FTT is the world leader in the design, manufacture and service of instruments that measure the reaction of a variety of materials to fire.

The key products include Cone Calorimeters, Large Scale Calorimeters, NBS Smoke Chambers and Oxygen Index Test, together with an unmatched range of related fire testing instruments. Over the last 20 years FTT has developed its technology and expertise to become the benchmark in fire testing instrumentation. 

The company has helped develop many of the major fire testing instruments used in international fire test standards during the last 10 years participating in British, International, CEN and ASTM standardisation committees. 

The products are sold worldwide to universities, fire research institutes, test houses and product manufacturers.

FTT owns Aitchee Engineering, which makes a range of engineering parts and finished products for a variety of industries; and Sircal Instruments, which manufactures rare gas purifiers.  


Fire Testing Technology Ltd

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Sean Gregory

Managing Director

Dr Sean Gregory has a degree in Chemistry and Energy Studies, Ph.D in Fire Safety Science and an MBA.

On completion of his PhD he joined Fire Testing Technology (FTT), the world leader in the design, manufacture and service of instruments that measure the reaction of a variety of materials to fire, becoming its Sales Director in June 2005 and its Managing Director in January 2009.  His PhD focused on instrumentation and technology upon which FTT’s business is based.  He has continued instrument design and applied research studies in this area since joining FTT much of which has been done collaboratively with industry groups and leading European fire research institutes and works extensively in national, European and international standardisation committees. During his time at FTT he has continued his interest in education overseeing apprenticeships in engineering, P/T Bachelor degrees, MRes degrees and been involved in international funded PhD programs from an industrial standpoint and as an academic supervisor in the UK. Much of this work has used instrumentation designed and manufactured by or similar to FTT’s.

In 2009 he became Managing Director of Aitchee Engineering, a strategic acquisition for Judges Scientific as a well-established precision engineering company and key supplier to many companies in the Judges Scientific group including FTT.  In 2010 Judges Scientific acquired Sircal Instruments which designs, manufactures and distributes rare gas purifiers typically for use in metal analysis utilising the Arc/Spark spectrometry technique. Sircal Instruments Ltd was absorbed by FTT with Dr Gregory it’s Managing Director and is the leading global supplier of rare gas purifiers for this application.

In 2015 Dr Gregory was appointed Non-Executive Director of Armfield, Chairman in 2016 and in August 2020 Managing Director of Armfield Ltd and President of Armfield Inc while continuing as Managing Director of FTT, Sircal Instruments and Aitchee Engineering