Luciol Instruments

Luciol Instruments has been designing and manufacturing high-resolution fibre optic instruments using its proprietary photon-counting OTDR technology since 2008.

These instruments are developed to characterise short fibre lengths or to locate fibre faults in aircraft, vehicles, machines or other structures with minimal disruption and downtime, locating faults with sub-centimetre accuracy.

Luciol’s patented technology finds applications in Aerospace, Rail, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Military, Fibre Sensing and FTTx/PON markets around the world. The designs are very adaptable and can cover a wide variety of wavelengths from 650nm to 1650nm in both multimode and single mode fibres. This allows customers the freedom to develop the optimum solution for their specific application in the knowledge that Luciol can adapt its instruments to design a dedicated test solution at an affordable price.
All Luciol’s instruments are easily portable, bringing the solution to the problem wherever it exists. Leading OEM’s such as Airbus, Boeing, ASML and many others trust Luciol to get their valuable assets back on line in no time.
Acquired by Judges Scientific plc in February 2024, Luciol Instrument is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PE.fiberoptics.


Luciol Instruments SA
Route Suisse 7b
1295 Mies

Tel: +41 22 755 56 50

Dick Heinrich

Managing Director

Dick Heinrich (born 1962) has a BSc in Mathematics and a MSc in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

He started his career in IT with ICI plc before moving into commercial roles in the electronics industry in both the UK and Switzerland. 

He subsequently became a General Manager for e2v and later returned one of Teledyne’s under-performing manufacturing businesses back to profitability.

He joined PE.fiberoptics as Managing Director in June 2019.