CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED illumination systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology.

The company has specialised in fluorescence microscopy since it introduced the first commercially available LED illumination system in 2004. LEDs are now the system of choice because they are more stable, longer lasting, and energy efficient than traditional mercury based illuminators as well as offering superior safety and environmental features.

CoolLED offers a comprehensive range of LED illumination systems for bioscience and clinical microscopy including:

  • pE-100 range of compact, simple-to-use, single wavelength illumination systems for screening fluorescence.
  • pE-300 Series – A compact range of triple wavelength LED illumination systems for fluorescence, Optogenetics, Electrophysiology and other high speed applications designed to fit all major microscopes and with the broadest range available of software control:
    • pE-300lite – is a simple system that uses the same award winning technology as our more sophisticated LED illumination systems, available at a cost which makes it accessible to all.  Simple White Light.
    • pE-300white - provides a broad spectrum of LED illumination, covering the excitation bands of common fluorescent stains.  Operation is by remote control from 0-100%.  Remote control is available via USB or TTL trigger.
    • pE-300ultra – the most controllable member of the pE-300 Series.  In addition to the many features of the pE-300lite and the pE-300white, the system offers precise control over individual wavelength intensity and triggering.  Until now, these benefits have only been accessible to users of high end, highly flexible illuminators such as the CoolLED pE-4000.
  • pE- 4000 – the universal LED illumination system for research fluorescence, with the broadest spectrum of illumination available from 16 selectable wavelengths, and extensive functionality that sets a new standard for the industry.

CoolLED technology is also available in OEM and tailor made configurations. We meet the needs of manufacturers who wish to integrate stable, controllable LED illumination into their products.


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Jake Davies

Managing Director

Jake comes from an engineering background, studying to Masters level at Oxford University and has since spent over 20 years creating novel high-technology niche products and then finding, creating and winning global markets for them.

 Upon completing a PhD in ultrasonics at Imperial College London, Jake joined startup Permasense Ltd as employee number one in 2009. Taking on various roles of increasing responsibility around customer support, business development, marketing and product management whilst also securing an MBA from The Open University. At Permasense, he oversaw substantial growth in capability, revenue and profit before selling the business to Emerson Electric in 2016.

 Jake then led the successful integration of the acquisition into the acquirer, continuing to drive substantial growth. He later oversaw further business unit integration and product portfolio improvement projects within Emerson.

 Jake joined CoolLED as Managing Director in September 2023.