Thermal Hazard Technology

THT is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of specialised calorimeters for use in the chemical and battery industries. Application areas include process development, optimisation and safety of chemical reactions, and determining performance and safety characteristics of batteries.

THT has over 25 years’ of calorimetry experience and offer a full range of adiabatic, reaction, and isothermal calorimeters. THTs products allow measurement of heats of reaction, derivation of kinetic parameters, assessment of maximum safe temperatures, and pressure generation.

THT’s flagship product, The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC), is the world's benchmark adiabatic calorimeter and provides full adiabatic runaway information for both temperature and pressure events. More recently the ARC has been developed to study safety and performance of Lithium Batteries. With the advent of large format cells for high power applications, THT introduced the EV+ calorimeter, the world’s leading calorimeter for battery applications.

Operating to ISO9001:2015 THT enjoys an exceptional reputation amongst leading scientific and industrial organisations.

Thermal Hazard Technology 
1 North House, Bond Avenue, 
Bletchley, Buckinghamshire
MK1 1SW, United Kingdom

+44 1908 646800

Geoff Spink

Managing Director

Geoff is an experienced Board director and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant.   

He has previously worked in senior managerial roles within other subsidiaries in the Judges Scientific group, and prior to that, at a number of UK listed plc’s, including Protean plc and Hartest Holdings plc, and various private and venture capital-backed companies.